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Smarter technology strategy will help move business goals forward and increase your bottom line. Business growth always requires changes in IT strategy and budgets. That change isn’t easy on your own or with a typical support company that just reacts when you place a call for service.

Are you using non-IT staff as your IT department? Think trained, experienced, and educated IT professionals are just too expensive? Think again. You probably didn’t hire your staff as experts on how to handle your technology. If you or your staff is negotiating with IT vendors over contracts, scheduling equipment deployment for your organization, or handling asset management procurement, it’s time to consider talking with experienced professionals who can help you remove these blocks to increasing efficiency in your business.

Creating a long-term IT strategy will increase your bottom line.

Consider how your company, using your current strategies, moves to new software and hardware platforms, and how you avoid downtime and data loss. Do you have a partner who plans and performs these moves often, or are they learning on your equipment and with your data?

Consider the double whammy in lost productivity costs when using untrained in-house staff for I.T. support.

  • 1.When they’re working on technology, you’re paying them to do work you didn’t hire them to do.
  • 2.The work you are paying them for isn’t getting done.

Think about the long-term inefficiencies and difficult-to-budget expenses when using a “just put out the fire” reactive approach to technology.

Now consider that there is a better way.

You don’t have to guess, and you don’t have to worry. Successful companies don’t leave their information technology to chance. They plan ahead, avoid pitfalls, and survive data disasters. We can help. Call us today at 919-226-0000 x103 or request a free, no obligation quote below.

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