Co-Managed IT Services

Additional support, precisely when and where it’s needed

Access the Resources You Require, Nothing More

While enlisting an external IT provider for comprehensive managed IT services is an excellent way to ensure your team can stay focused on your core business, many companies already maintain internal IT departments and may only require additional support.

Secure Network Administration offers co-managed IT services tailored to businesses with in-house IT teams seeking supplementary assistance. Whether you require extended coverage hours, wish to bridge expertise gaps, or need specialized knowledge for projects, our co-managed IT services are designed to seamlessly collaborate with your internal team.

Let’s work together

When you require additional support without outsourcing all your IT assistance, our co-managed
services step in.


If your internal IT team is strong and you only need support in specific areas, our co-managed IT services offer the perfect solution. Bring on the precise resources necessary to enhance your business, without any excess.


At times, businesses demand more personnel hours than usual to navigate busier periods, rapid growth, or special projects. Our co-managed IT services can augment your internal team’s efforts with extra hours when needed.


Companies seeking expertise that isn’t available internally should explore our co-managed IT services. We can provide experience that may be otherwise challenging to find, catering to short- or long-term needs.


We’re the only MSP that extends access to the management tool we employ as part of our co-managed IT services. We grant our clients access to our tool, facilitating close collaboration between our engineers and your in-house IT professionals.

Access the support you require with
our Co-Managed IT Services.

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